Here is some basic information so you know what exactly our high-end cracker is capable of.


CrunCheese are made 100% from milk from German cows. We completely forgo any colorants and additives – what you see is what you get. CrunCheese are also suitable for people who are lactose intolerant since the total amount of lactose adds up to just 0.1%.


Since our produce is 100% cheese without any artificial or chemical additives, the right choice of cheese is paramount.

Gouda, Cheddar, Kasar, mountain cheese, Esrom etc. all build the perfect base for our delicious CrunCheese.


Non-chilled, CrunCheese are durable for about six months (never mind the fact that it is highly unlikely that a bag would even last that long). Stored in an airtight glass, they last up to two years.


Besides our “classic” CrunCheese, we have introduced a variety of flavours to our selection.

If you fancy some spiciness in your life, we recommend CrunCheese with chili or pepper. We also offer Italian herbs (those crackers go exceptionally well with an excellent glass of red wine), sesame or basil.


The possibilities in regards to flavours are nigh on limitless (to give you a few further ideas: pine or pumpkin seeds). All they are waiting for is the perfect licensee who wants to merchandise further produce.


CrunCheese do not only work well as a cracker. Reduced to small pieces, they are perfect as a coating or as a topping for soups and/or pasta.