Which one of you doesn‘t know it and doesn’t love it – the crunchy border of a cheese roll fresh out of the oven? To be bluntly honest – that’s the roll’s main reason for being and its best part. If it was up to us, we’d gladly forgo all the rest of it and just eat the crunchy cheesy bit.




How great would it, therefore, be, if said cheese crust existed as a cracker?


We’ve faced the same dilemma as many of you. We were equally smitten by the roll’s cheesy crust. That’s why we thought about ways to produce this crust without having to include the roll.


A good ten years, an awful lot of trial, tribulations and test runs later, the most perfect of cheese crackers was born – the CrunCheese. It all started in the “Alte Käserei”, where the CrunCheese pilot project started. In the space of one decade, the baking process has been optimized over and over again. By now, CrunCheese are being produced in so-called “Speed Bakers”. The process is ecologically sustainable since it uses up the minimal amount of energy necessary. Ever since then, the CrunCheese has had its unique visage: small, round, handy, and – above all – crunchylicious!

To make sure that we, as the producers, are not the only ones delighting in these unique crackers, CrunCheese are being distributed all over Germany. Luxury hotels and selected wine and delicatessen merchants have been selling them for over seven years. Why? Because they – like us and their customers – value high-end snacks to go with high-end wines and delicatessen.




The cheese crackers’ production is partly manual and requires a certain amount of physical work. The CrunCheeses’ parents are thinking about a well-earned retirement. That is why they have started looking for licensees, who will take over/organize both the production and the distribution of their cheese crackers – in order to make sure that their life’s work will continue to exist.